sys.indexes - Viewing Existing Indexes on an Given Table in SQL Server


How To View Existing Indexes on an Given Table using sys.indexes in SQL Server?



Another way to view existing indexes defined for a given table is to use the system view called "sys.indexes". The tutorial exercise shows you how many indexes were defined from the previous tutorial on table "fyi_links":

USE FyiCenterData;

SELECT * FROM sys.indexes WHERE object_id = (
   SELECT object_id FROM sys.tables WHERE name = 'fyi_links'
object_id  name           index_id  type_desc     is_unique
---------  -------------  --------  ----------    ---------
421576540  NULL           0         HEAP          0
421576540  fyi_links_id   2         NONCLUSTERED  0
421576540  fyi_links_url  3         NONCLUSTERED  0

The extra line in the query result is not a real index at this moment. It will be explained in another tutorial.


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