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Why do we override the execute method is struts?

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Why do we override the execute method is struts? Plz give me the details?

As part of Struts FrameWork we can decvelop the Action Servlet,ActionForm servlets(here ActionServlet means which class extends the Action class is called ActionServlet and ActionFome means which calss extends the ActionForm calss is called the Action Form servlet)and other servlets classes.

In case of ActionForm class we can develop the validate().this method will return the ActionErrors object.In this method we can write the validation code.If this method return null or ActionErrors with size=0,the webcontainer will call the execute() as part of the Action class.if it returns size > 0 it willnot be call the execute().it will execute the jsp,servlet or html file as value for the input attribute as part of the attribute in struts-config.xml file.

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