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How To Clear HR Round In IT Companies?

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How To Clear HR Round In IT Companies?

The first thing that you need to clear any HR interview is confidence and faith in yourself. Before going for an interview prepare for it by brushing up your skills and your knowledge. Then dress appropriately for the interview and remember the maxim "first impression is the best impression". The interview would generally start with general question as to your name, work experience and the rest.
Then it might move on to the more specific details as to why are looking for a change and some other queries which would help them to determine your knowledge and skills. Answer them confidently and be honest and clear. Do not try to show off or try to be something that you are not. Be yourself and do not be afraid of making mistakes. Though it is bad to make mistakes it is worse to have a bad attitude. Thus it does not require any extraordinary skills to get through an HR interview.

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