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Google Technical Interviews in Management round: You have 1 to N-1 array and 1 to N numbers, and one number is missing, you need to find the missing the number. Now you have 1 to N-2 numbers, and two numbers missing. Find them.

The question can be elucidated as follows.Given an array of size N-1 containing numbers less than N and with out any duplicates!! We knew that there is a number missing from the array say K .Let S be the sum of the elements of the array.
Sum of first N natural numbers=N*(N+1)/2 and S=N*(N+1)/2 - K.Now putting this other way around we get K=N*(N+1)/2 -S !! Now the second part of the question says that there are 2 of the first N numbers missing.Let they be X and Y.
We solve this problem by solving 2 essential equations.
They are X+Y=N*(N+1)/2 -S---------->(1)
X*Y=N!/P-------------------(2) where S and P are the cumulative sum and product of the array entries.

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