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IBM Interview questions in Manager Round

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IBM Interview questions in Manager Round

1. Explain the physical topology of Virtual Infrastructure 3 Data Centre ?
2. How do you configure Clusters,Hosts,Resource Pools in VI3 ?
3. What are resource pools & whats the advantage of implementing them ?
4. Explain why Vmware ESX Server is preferred over Virtual Server or Workstation for enterprise implementation ?
5. In what different scenarios or methods can you manage a VI3 ?
6. Explain the difference between access through Virtual Infrastructure Client (vi client), Web access, Service Console access(ssh) ?
7. Explain advantages or features of Vmware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) ?
8. What are the types of datastores supported in ESX3.0 ?
9. How can you configure these different types of datastores on ESX2.5 ?
10.What is Vmware Consolidate Backup (VCB) ? Explain your work exposure in this area ?
11.How do you configure Vmware Virtual Centre Management Server for HA & DRS ? What are the conditions to be satisfied for this setup ?
12.Explain your work related to below terms :
VM Provisioning:
Alarms & Even Management:
Task Scheduler:
Hardware Compatibility List:
13.What SAN or NAS boxes have you configured VMware with ? How did you do that ?
14.What kind of applications or setups you have on you Virtual Machines ?
15.Have you ever faced ESX server crashing and Virtual Centre Server crash? How do you know the cause of these crashes in these cases ?

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