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None of my replication agents are starting. The

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None of my replication agents are starting. The error message reads: ‘The step did not generate any output. The step failed’. How to correct this problem?

SQL Server 7.0 installed from SBS Edition OR “Microsoft Backoffice Server Developer Edition 10 client limit” shipped with Enterprise edition of Developer Studio, are known to have this problem. During installation from these CDs, some files required by replication are not getting copied to the target machine. To workaround this problem, manually copy the following files from CD (X86\Binn) to “C:\Program files\Common files\Microsoft Shared\Database replication\” folder on the SQL Server computer:


Do not forget to register these DLLs using regsvr32.exe.

While checking for the existence of these files, make sure Windows Explorer is configured to show all files. Make sure, ‘Show all files’ is checked in the View tab of ‘View/Folder Options’ dialog box.

Note: During uninstallation of some programs, you might be prompted to either ‘Keep’ or ‘Delete’ the above shared files. Always chose to ‘Keep’ these files, otherwise replication will break.

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