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Database Triggers

By: Vishant Sanghavi
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Database Triggers are one of the good features available in ORACLE. Database triggers are written on any table. There are 12 types of Database

Triggers they are:

1. Before Insert
2. After Insert
3. Before Update
4. After Update
5. Before Delete
6. After Delete
7. Before Insert for each row
8. After Insert for each row
9. Before Update for each row
10. After Update for each row
11. Before Delete for each row
12. After Delete for each row

It will be get executed as soon as any DML operation take place on table. It will not get executed if user issues truncate command. Like procedures and functions no p-code (compile code) will not be available for database trigger in database. Each time trigger get executed ORACLE will compile trigger and generate p-code. Because of this some time performance


will get affected. In trigger we can use: NEW. <Column name> and : OLD.<Column name> to get new and old value of table column. We can’t use: OLD in insert trigger. We can’t user: NEW in delete trigger.

Syntax of creating Database Trigger is


After/Before Insert/Update/Delete on

Reference New as New Old as Old

Declare required Variables




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