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Essential Tools and Scripts for the day-to-day DBA

"Inside the SQL Server Tacklebox, you'll find a collection of the day-to-day tools and techniques that I use to automate and standardize SQL Server installation, document and report on my servers, migrate data and manage data growth, troubleshoot performance issues, receive notifications of impending issues, secure access to my servers and fight off the data corruption monster." -- Rodney Landrum, Author


The scripts contained in this book are contained in a ZIP file and can be downloaded from the link in the box to the right of the author photo (SQL_Server_Tacklebox_Code.zip)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Eating SQL Server installations for breakfast
* Specification, installation, configuration
* Specifying the physical server
* Ready to install almost
* Installation done, now to configure

Chapter 2: The SQL Server landscape
* What information is required?
* Automating information retrieval

Chapter 3: The migratory data
* Mapping out the data migration solution
* The data source
* Bulk data transfer tools
* Data comparison tools
* "High Availability" tools

Chapter 4: Managing data growth
* Common causes of space issues
* Being a model DBA
* Indexes and large row counts
* TempDB
* A query to determine current space utilization

Chapter 5: DBA as detective
* System tables versus DMVs
* Tracking down database performance issues
* Automating discovery of problems

Chapter 6: Monitoring and notifications
* Types of monitoring and notifications
* Enabling notifications
* Backup failure notification
* Performance issues
* Stopped services and disk space shortage

Chapter 7: Securing access to SQL Server
* Overview of security challenges
* Finding SQL logins, Windows users and groups
* Find Windows Active Directory group membership
* Find SQL users at the database level
* Loading up the DBA repository with security data
* Finding service accounts with WMIC
* Surveillance

Chapter 8: Finding data corruption
* Causes of corruption
* Consequences of corruption
* Fighting corruption
* Seeking out corruption

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