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db4o added to Eclipse Indigo

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Download db4o 8.1 development, production 8.0 and stable 7.12

* db4o Leveraged in Eclipse Indigo: Following the usual annual schedule the Eclipse version 3.7 ("Indigo") is now available. In this release database developers benefit from the inclusion of a CDO model repository that integrates with several NoSQL databases including db4o.

db4o 8.1 Development Release is available for immediate download! You might also want to download the updated production v8.0 (and check the release notes) and also maybe grabthe latest stable release v7.12 (and the release notes).

Highlighted Contributions from the Community Projects Blog

* Owl2Db4o - transformation of ontologies to db4o compliant object models with instance mapping: Based on the jena semantic web framework owl2java is a code generator to work with OWL ontologies from java. Ontologies are accessed natively via java classes, methods and attributes. A native interface for the object orieented database db4o with support for transparent persistence can be generated from the internal meta model. Where possible, the implementation adheres to the OWL DL standard and also offers some support for constructs that normally require a reasoner..

Versant - News from the Base Camp from Versant "What's New" section

* Live Webinar: Taking NoSQL Beyond the Key-Value Store - Hearing about NoSQL products and wondering where the buzz meets reality? Join us at our webcast and learn about the various technologies and value propositons that are considered to be part of this fast emerging data management trend. This webinar will discuss how you can achieve new levels of application performance and scalability for the database tier beyond traditional relational databases.

You will learn how to reach beyond simple Key-Value Stores, and how next generation NoSQL technologies deliver NoSQL core benefits for complex enterprise applications - those found in modern highly available production systems.

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