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MySQL Tutorials - Database Basics and Terminologies

By: FYIcenter.com

A collection of 20 questions on MySQL database basics and terminlogies to help you review your knowledge. A short answer is provided for each question. Good for job interview preparation. Topics included in this collections:

  1. What Is MySQL?
  2. What Is mSQL?
  3. What Is SQL?
  4. What Is Table?
  5. What Is Column?
  6. What Is Row?
  7. What Is Primary Key?
  8. What Is Foreign Key?
  9. What Is Index?
  10. What Is View?
  11. What Is Join?
  12. What Is Union?
  13. What Is ISAM?
  14. What Is MyISAM?
  15. What Is InnoDB?
  16. What Is BDB (BerkeleyDB)?
  17. What Is CSV?
  18. What Is Transaction?
  19. What Is Commit?
  20. What Is Rollback?

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