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MySQL Tutorials - Introduction to SQL Date and Time Handling

By: FYIcenter.com

A collection of 15 FAQs on MySQL date and time handling. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on date and time data types; formatting and converting date and times; incrementing dates and times; calculating date differences; understanding TIMESTAMP columns. Topics included in this collection are:

  1. What Are Date and Time Data Types?
  2. How To Write Date and Time Literals?
  3. How To Enter Microseconds in SQL Statements?
  4. How To Convert Dates to Character Strings?
  5. How To Convert Character Strings to Dates?
  6. What Are Date and Time Intervals?
  7. How To Increment Dates by 1?
  8. How To Decrement Dates by 1?
  9. How To Calculate the Difference between Two Dates?
  10. How To Calculate the Difference between Two Time Values?
  11. How To Present a Past Time in Hours, Minutes and Seconds?
  12. How To Extract a Unit Value from a Date and Time?
  13. What Are Date and Time Functions?
  14. What Is TIMESTAMP Data Type?
  15. How Many Ways to Get the Current Time?

Please note that all answers and tutorials are based on MySQL 5.0. Tutorial exercises should be executed with "mysql" or other MySQL client programs.

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