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Oracle Tutorials - Connect MS Access to Oracle Servers

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How To Connect MS Access to Oracle Servers?

Once you got a DSN defined in the ODBC manager that connects to an Oracle server, you can connect a normal MS Access document to the Oracle server, and link an Access table to Oracle table. The tutorial below gives you a good example:

  • Start MS Access with a new database file.
  • Go to File menu.
  • Select Get External Data.
  • Select Import.... The Import dialog box shows up.
  • Select Files of type: ODBC Database(). The Select Data Source dialog box shows up.
  • Click the Machine Data Source tab. You should see the DSN name "FYI_DSN" you defined earlier.
  • Select "FYI_DSN".
  • Enter User Name: fyi.
  • Enter Password: retneciyf.

You should see the Oracle ODBC Driver Connect dialog box as shown in the picture below:
    Import Oracle tables to MS Access

Click the OK button to continue. You should see a list of tables available for you to import from the Oracle server as shown in the picture below:
    Importing Oracle tables via ODBC

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