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Oracle Tutorials - Define External Table in a Text File

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How To Define an External Table in a Text File?

You can use the CREATE TABLE statement to create external tables. But you need to use ORGANIZATION EXTERNAL clause to specify the external file location and the data access driver. The tutorial exercise below shows you how to define an external table as a text file:

>sqlplus /nolog

SQL> connect HR/fyicenter

SQL> CREATE TABLE ext_fyi_links (
    id NUMBER(4),
    url VARCHAR2(16),
    notes VARCHAR2(16),
    counts NUMBER(4),
    created DATE
    LOCATION ('ext_fyi_links.txt')
Table created.

SQL> SELECT table_name, tablespace_name, num_rows
--------------------- ---------------------- ----------
REGIONS               USERS                           4
LOCATIONS             USERS                          23
DEPARTMENTS           USERS                          27
JOBS                  USERS                          19
EMPLOYEES             USERS                         107
JOB_HISTORY           USERS                          10
FYI_LINKS             USERS                           2
COUNTRIES                                            25

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