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Oracle Tutorials - Invoke the Data Pump Export Utility

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How To Invoke the Data Pump Export Utility?

The Data Pump Export utility is distributed as executable file called "expdp.exe". To invoke this utility, you should go to the "bin" directory of your Oracle server installation and run the "expdp" command. Here is tutorial exercise on how to invoke the export utility:

>cd \oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\BIN

>expdp help=y
Export: Release - 

The Data Pump export utility provides a mechanism for
transferring data objects between Oracle databases. The 
utility is invoked with the following command:

   Example: expdp scott/tiger DIRECTORY=dmpdir

You can control how Export runs by entering the 'expdp'
command followed by various parameters:

   Format:  expdp KEYWORD=value or

   Example: expdp scott/tiger DUMPFILE=scott.dmp
               SCHEMAS=scott or TABLES=(T1:P1,T1:P2)

USERID must be the first parameter on the command line.

Keyword       Description (Default)
ATTACH        Attach to existing job, e.g. ATTACH [=job name
COMPRESSION   Reduce size of dumpfile contents where valid
              keyword values are: (METADATA_ONLY) and NONE.
DIRECTORY     Directory object to be used for dumpfiles 
DUMPFILE      List of destination dump files (expdat.dmp).
FLASHBACK_SCN SCN used to set session snapshot back to.
FULL          Export entire database (N).
HELP          Display Help messages (N).

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