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Oracle Tutorials - Retrieve Field Values from RECORD Variables

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How To Retrieve Values from Data Fields in RECORD Variables?

If a variable is a RECORD variable with data fields assigned values, you can retrieve those values out of its data fields by using fields names prefixed with variable name as "variable.field_name". Here is a sample script showing you how to retrieve field values from RECORD variables:

  TYPE student IS RECORD (
    id NUMBER(5),
    first_name VARCHAR(80),
    last_name VARCHAR(80)
  best_student student;
  another_student student;
  class_name VARCHAR2(80);
  class_name := 'FYI Center 2006';
  best_student.first_name := 'The';
  best_student.last_name := 'Best';
  DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Best student = ' || 
    best_student.first_name || ' ' 
    || best_student.last_name);
Best student = The Best

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