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Oracle Tutorials - Run SQL*Plus Commands in SQL Developer

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How To Run SQL*Plus Commands in SQL Developer?

Most of the time, you only run SQL statements in SQL Worksheet, the SQL statement area. But you can also run some SQL*Plus commands in SQL Worksheet. The example below shows you how to run the DECRIBE command in SQL Developer:

  • Go to SQL Worksheet - SQL statement area
  • Press F9 to run the command

You will see the following output:

Name                           Null     Type              
------------------------------ -------- ------------------
USERNAME                       NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)      
USER_ID                        NOT NULL NUMBER            
ACCOUNT_STATUS                 NOT NULL VARCHAR2(32)      
LOCK_DATE                               DATE              
EXPIRY_DATE                             DATE              
CREATED                        NOT NULL DATE              
EXTERNAL_NAME                           VARCHAR2(4000) 

The DESCRIBE command returns you the detailed information about the specified table.

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