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Oracle Tutorials - What Do You Think about PL/SQL

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What Do You Think about PL/SQL?

After following through the tutorials in the FAQ collection, you probably agree that PL/SQL is indeed a general purpose database programming language. PL/SQL is a natural extension of SQL. It is very useful for DBA to automate specific administration tasks or for developers to developer simple business backend applications.

  1. What Is PL/SQL?
  2. What Are the Types PL/SQL Code Blocks?
  3. How To Define an Anonymous Block?
  4. How Many Anonymous Blocks Can Be Defined?
  5. How To Run the Anonymous Block Again?
  6. What Is a Stored Program Unit?
  7. How To Create a Stored Program Unit?
  8. How To Execute a Stored Program Unit?
  9. How Many Data Types Are Supported?
  10. What Are the Execution Flow Control Statements?
  11. How To Use SQL Statements in PL/SQL?
  12. How To Process Query Result in PL/SQL?
  13. How To Create an Array in PL/SQL?
  14. How To Manage Transaction Isolation Level?
  15. How To Pass Parameters to Procedures?
  16. How To Define a Procedure inside Another Procedure?
  17. What Do You Think about PL/SQL?

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