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Oracle Tutorials - ODBC Drivers, DSN Configuration and ASP Connection

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A collection of 9 FAQs on Oracle ODBC drivers and connections. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on installing Oracle ODBC drivers; TNS settings; defining DSN entries; connecting MS Access or ASP pages to Oracle servers. Topics included in this FAQ are:

  1. What Is Open Database Communication (ODBC)?
  2. How To Install Oracle ODBC Drivers?
  3. How To Find Out What Oracle ODBC Drivers Are Installed?
  4. How Can Windows Applications Connect to Oracle Servers?
  5. How To Create Tables for ODBC Connection Testing?
  6. How To Verify Oracle TNS Settings?
  7. How To Define a Data Source Name (DSN) in ODBC Manager?
  8. How To Connect MS Access to Oracle Servers?
  9. How To Connect ASP Pages to Oracle Servers?

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