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SQL Server FAQ - AdventureWorksLT Entity Relation Diagram

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How AdventureWorksLT tables are related?

There are 12 user tables defined in AdventureWorksLT:

USE AdventureWorksLT

SELECT s.name, t.name, t.type_desc
   FROM sys.tables t, sys.schemas s
   WHERE t.schema_id = s.schema_id
   ORDER BY s.name
s.name  t.name                          t.type_desc
dbo     BuildVersion                    USER_TABLE
dbo     ErrorLog                        USER_TABLE
SalesLT Address                         USER_TABLE
SalesLT Customer                        USER_TABLE
SalesLT CustomerAddress                 USER_TABLE
SalesLT Product                         USER_TABLE
SalesLT ProductCategory                 USER_TABLE
SalesLT ProductDescription              USER_TABLE
SalesLT ProductModel                    USER_TABLE
SalesLT ProductModelProductDescription  USER_TABLE
SalesLT SalesOrderDetail                USER_TABLE
SalesLT SalesOrderHeader                USER_TABLE

Here is an ER (Entity Relation) diagram presented on Jasmin's photo galary:
AdventureWorksLT ER Diagram.

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