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SQL Server FAQ - CONVERT() - Formatting DATETIME Values to Strings

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How To Format DATETIME Values to Strings with the CONVERT() Function?

SQL Server 2005 offers no functions to format DATETIME values in your own format patterns. But it does provide you a number of pre-defined format patterns that you can use with the CONVERT(char_type, date, pattern_code) function. Commonly used pattern codes are:

Code   Name             Format
100    Default          mon dd yyyy hh:miAM/PM
101    U.S.             mm/dd/yyyy
102    ANSI             yyyy.mm.dd
103    British/French   dd/mm/yyyy
104    German           dd.mm.yy
105    Italian          dd-mm-yy
107                     Mon dd, yyyy
108                     hh:mi:ss
110    USA              mm-dd-yy
111    Japan            yy/mm/dd
121    ODBC canonical   yyyy-mm-dd hh:mi:ss.mmm

For examples, see the tutorial exercise below:

SET @birth_date = '1987-05-19 16:10:41.403';
SELECT 'You were born on '
   + CONVERT(VARCHAR(40),@birth_date,107)
   + ', at '
   + CONVERT(VARCHAR(40),@birth_date,108);
You were born on May 19, 1987, at 16:10:41

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