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SQL Server FAQs - Downloading and Installing Sample Scripts and Databases

By: FYIcenter.com

A collection of 6 FAQs on download and installing SQL Server sample scripts and sample databases. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on downloading and installing AdventureWorksLT; attaching AdventureWorksLT to SQL Server. Topics included in this collection are:

  1. What Samples and Sample Databases Are Provided by Microsoft?
  2. How to download and install SQL Server 2005 Sample Scripts?
  3. How to download and install the scaled-down database AdventureWorksLT?
  4. How to attach AdventureWorksLT physical files to the server?
  5. How AdventureWorksLT tables are related?
  6. How to add an address record into AdventureWorksLT?

In order to help you to learn SQL Server, Microsoft provides several free sample scripts and sample databases. Tutorials in this collection shows you how to download and install those sample databases.

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