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SQL Server FAQ - Getting Month and Weekday Names from DATATIME Values

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How To Get Month and Weekday Names from DATETIME Values?

In DATETIME values, the month part and weekday part have names. You can use the DATENAME() function to get the month name and weekday name from a DATETIME value in the following format:

DATENAME(datepart, date) returns NVARCHAR:
"date" - the input date
"datepart" - "month" or "weekday"

Here is a simple example:

DECLARE @submit_date DATETIME;
SET @submit_date = '2007-05-19 16:10:41.403';
SELECT 'Posted in the month of '
   + DATENAME(month, @submit_date)
   + ' on a '+DATENAME(weekday, @submit_date);
Posted in the month of May on a Saturday

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