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SQL Server FAQ - Getting a List of All Databases on the Server

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How to get a list all databases on the SQL server?

If you don't remember database names you have created, you can get a list of all databases on the server by query the "sys.databases" view as shown in this tutorial example:


SELECT name, database_id, create_date FROM sys.databases
name     database_id   create_date
master             1   2003-04-08 09:13:36.390
tempdb             2   2007-05-19 13:42:42.200
model              3   2003-04-08 09:13:36.390
msdb               4   2005-10-14 01:54:05.240
FyiCenterData      5   2007-05-19 20:04:39.310

As you can see, the newly created database is listed at the end of query result.

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