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SQL Server FAQ - sys.indexes - Viewing Existing Indexes on an Given Table

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How To View Existing Indexes on an Given Table using sys.indexes?

Another way to view existing indexes defined for a given table is to use the system view called "sys.indexes". The tutorial exercise shows you how many indexes were defined from the previous tutorial on table "fyi_links":

USE FyiCenterData;

SELECT * FROM sys.indexes WHERE object_id = (
   SELECT object_id FROM sys.tables WHERE name = 'fyi_links'
object_id  name           index_id  type_desc     is_unique
---------  -------------  --------  ----------    ---------
421576540  NULL           0         HEAP          0
421576540  fyi_links_id   2         NONCLUSTERED  0
421576540  fyi_links_url  3         NONCLUSTERED  0

The extra line in the query result is not a real index at this moment. It will be explained in another tutorial.

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