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SQL Server FAQs - PHP MSSQL Functions - Managing Tables and Data Rows

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A collection of 17 FAQs on using PHP MSSQL functions to connect to manage tables and data rows. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on creating tables; inserting multiple data rows; updating and deleting data rows; searching data from multiple tables; looping through result sets; working with dates. Topics included in this collections:

  1. PHP MSSQL - How To Create a New Table?
  2. PHP MSSQL - How To Drop an Existing Table?
  3. PHP MSSQL - How To Insert Data into an Existing Table?
  4. PHP MSSQL - How To Make a Column Nullable?
  5. PHP MSSQL - How To Insert Data with NULL Values?
  6. PHP MSSQL - How To Insert Multiple Rows with a subquery?
  7. PHP MSSQL - How To Get the Number of Affected Rows?
  8. PHP MSSQL - What Is a Result Set Object Returned by mssql_query()?
  9. PHP MSSQL - How To Loop through Returning Rows?
  10. PHP MSSQL - How To Update Existing Rows in a Table?
  11. PHP MSSQL - How To Delete Existing Rows in a Table?
  12. PHP MSSQL - How To Include Text Values in SQL Statements?
  13. PHP MSSQL - How To Include Date and Time Values in SQL Statements?
  14. PHP MSSQL - How To Display a Past Time in Days, Hours and Minutes?
  15. PHP MSSQL - How To Perform Key Word Search in Tables?
  16. PHP MSSQL - How To Query Multiple Tables Jointly?
  17. PHP MSSQL - How To Create an Identity Column?

Please note that all answers and tutorials are based on SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and PHP 5 on Windows XP. To follow tutorial exercises in this collection, you need to use test tables created from previous tutorial collections.

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