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SQL Server FAQ - PHP ODBC - Creating a New Table

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PHP ODBC - How To Create a New Table?

If you want to create a table in the database connected through a ODBC DSN, you can run the CREATE TABLE SQL statement using the odbc_exec() function, as shown in the following sample script:

  $con = odbc_connect('FYI_SQL_SERVER','sa','FYIcenter');

  # creating a new table
  $sql = "CREATE TABLE fyi_links ("
      . " id INT NOT NULL" 
      . ", url VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL"
      . ", notes VARCHAR(1024)"
      . ", counts INT"
      . ", time DATETIME"
      . ")";
  $res = odbc_exec($con, $sql);
  if (!$res) {
    print("Table creation failed with error:\n");
    print(odbc_error($con).": ".odbc_errormsg($con)."\n");
  } else {
    print("Table fyi_links created.\n");


If you run this script for the first time and there is no existing table called fyi_links in the database, you will get:

Table fyi_links created.

If you run it again, you will get:

Table creation failed with error:
S0001: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]
There is already an object named 'fyi_links' in the 

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