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SQL Server FAQs - Security - Server Login and Database User

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A collection of 17 FAQs on SQL Server logins and users. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on security model; security principals, securables and permissions; creating, changing and dropping login names; linking users with logins. Topics included in this FAQ are:

  1. What Is the Security Model Used in SQL Server 2005?
  2. What Are Security Principals Used in SQL Server 2005?
  3. What Is the Security Principal at the Server Level That Represents Your Session?
  4. What Is the Security Principal at the Database Level That Represents Your Session?
  5. How To Create a New Login Name in SQL Server?
  6. How To Verify a Login name with SQLCMD Tool?
  7. How To List All Login Names on the Server?
  8. How To Change the Password of a Login Name?
  9. How To Change a Login Name?
  10. How To Disable a Login Name?
  11. How To Delete a Login Name?
  12. How To Create a User Name in a Database?
  13. How To List All User Names in a Database?
  14. How To Find the Login Name Linked to a Given User Name?
  15. How To Verify a User name with SQLCMD Tool?
  16. How To Change the Name of a Database User?
  17. How To Delete an Existing Database User?

Please note that all answers and tutorials are based on MS SQL Server 2005. To follow tutorials in this collection, you should connect to SQL server as a regular user who has enough permissions to run simple Transact-SQL statements. To follow tutorial exercises in this collection, you need to use test tables created from previous tutorial collections.

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