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SQL Server FAQ - Testing ODBC DSN Connection Settings

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How To Test ODBC DSN Connection Settings?

Assuming you have followed other FYIcenter.com tutorials and created an ODBC DSN called "FYI_SQL_SERVER", and planning to use it your PHP scripts, you should test this ODBC connection first as shown in this tutorial:

1. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools.

2. Run Data Sources (ODBC). The ODBC Data Source Administrator window shows up.

3. Click "System DSN" tab, select "FYI_SQL_SERVER", and click "Configure..." button. The Microsoft SQL Server DSN Configuration wizard window shows up.

4. Review the first screen and click Next.

5. Review the second screen, enter the password as "FYIcenter", and click Next.

6. Review the third screen and click Next.

7. Review the fourth screen and click Finish.

8. Review the confirmation screen and click "Test Data Source...". You should see the test result as:

Attempting connection
Connection established
Verifying option settings
Disconnecting from server


Your FYI_SQL_SERVER ODBC DSN is tested and ready to use.

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