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SQL Server FAQ - mssql_field_name() - Retrieve Field Names

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How To List All Field Names in the Result Set using mssql_field_name()?

The result set object returned by a SELECT statement also contains column (field) names, lengths and types. You can use mssql_field_name(), mssql_field_length() and mssql_field_type() to get those information. The tutorial exercise below shows a good example:

  $con = mssql_connect('LOCALHOST','sa','FYIcenter');
  mssql_select_db('FyiCenterData', $con);

  $sql = "SELECT * FROM  sys.objects"
     . " WHERE type_desc='USER_TABLE'";
  $res = mssql_query($sql, $con);
  print("Result set columns:\n");
  for ($i=0; $i 

Run this PHP script, you will see a list columns (fields):

Result set columns:
   name, char, 255
   object_id, int, 4
   principal_id, int, 4
   schema_id, int, 4
   parent_object_id, int, 4
   type, char, 2
   type_desc, char, 120
   create_date, datetime, 8
   modify_date, datetime, 8
   is_ms_shipped, bit, 1
   is_published, bit, 1
   is_schema_published, bit, 1

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