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SQL Server FAQ - sys.schemas - Listing All Schemas in a Database

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How To List All Schemas in a Database?

If you want see all existing schemas in the current database, you can use view sys.schemas as shown in the example below:

USE FyiCenterData;

SELECT * FROM sys.schemas;
name                 schema_id   principal_id
-------------------- ----------- ------------
dbo                  1           1
guest                2           2
INFORMATION_SCHEMA   3           3
sys                  4           4
fyi                  5           1
db_owner             16384       16384
db_accessadmin       16385       16385
db_securityadmin     16386       16386
db_ddladmin          16387       16387
db_backupoperator    16389       16389
db_datareader        16390       16390
db_datawriter        16391       16391
db_denydatareader    16392       16392
db_denydatawriter    16393       16393
(14 row(s) affected)

All schemas, except "fyi", in the list were created by SQL Server.

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