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US-TX-SanAntonio: Oracle database DBA

Date: 11-Oct-2019
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Database Administrator

will monitor all system and software logs utilizing a system monitor tool, to filter through logs, tag certain events. will ensure an SSL security certificate is properly installed so that the data may be encrypted properly System Integration. Ensure that any enhancements and system expansions that occur during the life of this task order will be integrated into the PRIR. If there are any bugs and/or other fixes required to ensure seamless operations, the engineer shall undertake those to ensure that the PRIR is fully operational. Will properly document each required change in our change management database and keep a record of all development builds and test results so that we can replicate possible issues and maximize troubleshooting capabilities. Will track software deficiencies/trouble tickets using Freshdesk

Installing and upgrading the Oracle Database server and application tools Allocating system storage and planning future storage requirements for the database Creating primary database storage structures (tablespaces) after application developers have designed an application Creating primary objects (tables, views, indexes) once application developers have designed an application Modifying the database structure, as necessary, from information given by application developers Enrolling users and maintaining system security Ensuring compliance with Oracle license agreements Controlling and monitoring user access to the database Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database Planning for backup and recovery of database information Backing up and restoring the database Contacting Oracle and 3rd party vendors for technical support Checking the database daily to ensure unauthorized accounts have not been created nor that any illegal modifications have been made Applying Oracle patches


Bachelor's Degree

5+ years

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