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US: Database Administrator - SQL DBA

Date: 26-Dec-2016
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Database Administrator - SQL DBA

Essential Duties & Responsibilities including but not limited to: 1. Performs DBA activities associated with the design, deployment, use, control, monitoring, support and performance of database management systems to ensure their optimum use within the organization. Institutes administration policies, procedures, techniques and methodologies that enhance database support and provides optimum integrity, performance and availability. 2. Monitors and measures database performance on multiple platforms. Develops and coordinates backups/recovery features that enhance DBMS operation and availability as needed, without impacting database or application availability. Performs database error log analysis, troubleshoots problems and provides resolutions in a timely manner. Recommends system changes to improve performance, availability and integrity. Evaluates and recommends where appropriate the procurement of tools and third-party solutions that enhance DBMS support, availability and performance. 3. Assists the application development staff in client/server database design, development, load-testing and validation efforts. Recognizes and identifies areas where DBMS solutions will enhance application performance and user satisfaction. Suggests changes in programming techniques and methodologies to enhance database integrity, performance and availability. Translates application requirements into effective database structures, on-line queries, extracts and reports as needed. Coordinates special data archival needs. Works with applications staff to accommodate special application and database processing requirements. 4. Assists with the formulation, documentation and publication of organizational standards governing database design, use, control, monitoring, support and performance. Ensures adherence to standards, rules, guidelines and practices involving the same. 5. Provides expertise to the A/D staff in analyzing the information requirements of new and existing systems, and the migration of legacy systems to client/server or open system solutions. Assists the A/D staff with application software releases as needed. Supports special data archival needs. Coordinates batch executions to accommodate nightly, weekly and monthly application/database processing requirements. 6. Works with software and third-party vendors to assess DBMS monitoring, reporting, debugging and performance enhancement tools and technologies and their usefulness to the our operational environment. Assists with the evaluation, selection and integration of DBMS tools and technologies. Makes recommendations where appropriate. 7. Performs system upgrades as needed to maintain currency of vendor releases and does so in a timely manner. Publishes down-time requirements ahead of schedule and at an agreed-upon time so as to lessen impact on development staff. 8. Assists in the selection of education programs supporting effective use of DBMS technology within the organization. Assists with the training of IS personnel in DBMS programming resources, tools and technologies. 9. Assists in the administration of enterprise and/or departmental storage as needed. Incorporates storage management strategies into multi-platform, enterprise-wide solutions. Identifies areas where changes in strategy or day-to-day operation will enhance application availability and user satisfaction. Makes recommendations where appropriate. 10. Informs the IS organization of important industry developments, advances and trends in DBMS-related technologies. Identifies areas where changes in strategy or day-to-day operation will enhance DBMS operation. Makes recommendations where appropriate. 11. Assists fulfilling administrative reporting requirements pertaining to database availability, performance and use. Informs the Manager of trends, problems or areas of concern requiring attention. 12. Maintains a positive and cooperative working relationship with all departments to optimize communication and customer satisfaction. 13. Is required to participate in a rotating on-call schedule supporting 24-hour, 7-day database operations. 14. May assume duties of a higher level in preparation for increased responsibilities. Performs other related duties as assigned by the Director or the Manager.

18. Maintains courteous and effective interactions with colleagues and patients. 19. Demonstrates an understanding of the job description, performance expectations, and competency assessment. 20. Demonstrates a commitment toward meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers and consistently adheres to Customer Service standards. 21. Participates in departmental and/or interdepartmental quality improvement activities. 22. Participates in and successfully completes Mandatory Education. 23. Performs all other duties as needed or directed to meet the needs of the department.

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