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US: Oracle databases DBA

Date: 02-Sep-2016
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Oracle databases DBA

Responsible for development, maintenance and performance tuning of Oracle databases for new/existing applications. The successful candidate will have experience working with Oracle databases in development, test and production environments.

1. Database Creation, Configuration and Administration

Plan, design and implement new Oracle databases

Responsible for database operations including for production-critical systems

Advise management and users on new or optimal technologies or methods

2. Database Performance Tuning

Monitor all relevant databases and develop/implement continuous improvement solutions

Provide analysis to the IT Team in order to make decisions regarding resource management

3. Database Backups and Restoration

Develop and maintain backup and restoration processes

Ensure Disaster Recovery Plans are developed for every major IT business process and tested regularly

4. Database Security and User Access

Ensure maximum security of database server and data

Control user account access

5. System/DBMS Operations and Back-End Development

Maintain stable DBMS & relevant system operations critical for IT production processes

Back-end development (ex: stored procedures, triggers, functions, etc.) may also be required

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