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US: System Database Administrator

Date: 15-Apr-2016
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System Database Administrator

The person should be able to implement and maintain database security, back-up/recovery, monitoring, performance and tuning. The system database administrator is responsible for developing and recommending best practice solutions to the SIS team based on requirements. The ability to work independently as well as within a cross-functional, team based, dynamic environment is essential. The incumbent must be able to configure, design, construct and support relational databases, integration services, for the Oracle PeopleSoft environment and data warehousing/reporting environments. A qualified candidate should have strong project and conflict management skills.

Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent

1. Expert level of knowledge and extensive experience with the installation, configuration, monitoring, and tuning of relational database management systems (preferably Oracle) and related technologies; implementation and execution of database backup, recovery, and refresh strategies using a mixture of database and operating systems utilities; implementation and use of database audit and security strategies; implementation and maintenance of schemas 2. Extensive database administration experience in supporting mission-critical, enterprise business information systems and/or student systems (preferably PeopleSoft) that require 24X7 availability; web-enabled applications; decision support, OLAP and/or data warehouse applications and very large databases. 3. Significant experience in the application of sound data and database administration practices; system development lifecycle methodologies; and quality assurance methods. 4. Significant experience with entity-relationship diagrams; designing databases for OLTP applications and/or OLAP applications.

6. Good interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate effectively (orally and in writing).

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