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Date: 16-Dec-2015
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Oracle DBA Database Administrator

Design, administer and support current and future database development and methodologies. Proactively evaluate the physical and logical design of databases to support our dynamic and growing business needs. Duties include: database backup, database recovery, performance tuning, data integrity, database replication, security administration and modeling of new and existing databases.

Assume primary responsibility for the setup and maintenance of our internal Oracle databases.

Perform routine maintenance and performance tuning on us databases, supporting web transactions, client-server apps and the data warehouse.

Create, test and document custom stored procedures and jobs as required. Serve as data gatekeeper for backend modification to data in all Oracle systems Manage and perform backup/restore and replication of databases for data recovery and testing.

Produce specifications, entity relationship diagrams and data maps as needed for technical documentation.

Identify and apply appropriate service packs and updates.

Assist with the evaluation of new versions of Oracle Enterprise Database and migration of older systems to current versions of Oracle.

Administer and monitor all database profiles and security.

Assist development team with creating efficient queries, stored procedures, jobs, etc.

Maintain professional and positive relationship with database services partner.

Bachelor's degree preferably in Computer Science, MIS, or 3 to 5 equivalent experience

1 to 3 years of proven Database Administration experience using Oracle Enterprise Database

Preferred Oracle database experience may encompass: Architecture, Database Design, Referential Integrity concepts Replication, Mirroring, Security design, Stored Procedures, Triggers, and SQL

Must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of SQL queries, scripting and Stored Procedures.

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