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US-CA-Sacramento: Microsoft SQL Database Administrator

Date: 31-Dec-2014
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Database Administrator

Monitoring Databases: Define procedures for day to day operations of the database, including the coordination and installation of application upgrades and modifications. Ensure the following are done on a regular basis: database server is running with optimal performance; the error log or event log is monitored for database errors or errors that might impact the database; routine maintenance is performed on all databases; coordinate periodic database maintenance with the system administrator. Tuning Databases: Define procedures for performing database performance analysis and tuning for production databases. The procedures include monitoring and giving early notification of changes in performance. The DBA will perform initial analysis and recommend improvements to R&D and application support. Managing Capacity: Define procedures that will anticipate when database or system limits are being approached. Create methods of tracking rates of growth and to make adjustments to ensure the database is operating at peek performance. Data growth will require changing storage requirements including software solutions as well as hardware. Software changes must be coordinated with the group responsible for applications support and hardware changes are coordinated with the appropriate administrators. Installing and Upgrading Database Software: Evaluate and perform testing of new versions, features and/or releases of database software. Define procedures for installation and upgrades as well as applying service packs and/or patches. Database Backup and Recovery: Backup and recovery are the DBA's most critical tasks; they include the following: establish standards and strategies for database backups; develop recovery procedures. Managing Database Users and Security Rights: The DBA will work with the systems administrator to see that proper user access and levels of access are maintained. Develop and maintain procedures and policies that define how to add, remove, and change user security access rights. Enforcing Standards: Define and adhere to standards as they pertain to managing databases. Applying Database Changes: The DBA will apply changes to databases via scripts. Define and maintain procedures and policies for: logical schema changes; Stored Procedures; Physical Schema changes; Views, and f. Static data changes.

Required Experience: Minimum 10 years computer experience, preferred minimum 7 years production DBA experience with SQL Server. Ability to establish, document and enforce procedures and policies related to database management of database systems. Ability to analyze and determine data relationships and attributes, data flow and storage requirements, and data output and reporting capabilities. Good written, verbal and general communication skills. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of data center operations and applications development.

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