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US: DBA \ Database Development Engineer

Date: 12-Mar-2014
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DBA \ Database Development Engineer

Seven or more years of experience as a database developer and DBA designing, developing, debugging, and tuning database applications and reports. At least 3 years of Oracle database SQL and PL/SQL development. At least 1 year of using SqlPlus to create both formal and informal reports. Must have good understanding of Oracle utilities such as export/import, data pump export/import, RMAN, etc. Must understand Oracle scoping rules for PL/SQL packages, procedures, and functions. Must understand Oracle role based security within the database as well as at the OS level. Experience working with Oracle Standard Edition environment. Must have experience with one or more SQL development tools such as SQL*Developer or Toad and must be able to function from UNIX command line and Sqlplus prompt. Excellent knowledge of SQL and procedural SQL within Oracle. Must have a solid understanding of transaction management. Must have a solid understanding of interaction between SQL scripts and OS shell scripts in both windows and UNIX. Must have a solid understanding of table and index structures including physical partitioning with and without specific database partitioning options. OLTP experience and database application design,development, debugging, and tuning.

Education: Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Computer or Electrical Engineering, Management Information Systems, Mathematics, Applied Math, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, or Library Science.

Experience: 7 years after Bachelors degree/ 4 years after Masters degree

SQL, PLSQL, SQLPLUS as a reporting tool, database application development/debugging/testing with SQL Developer/Toad development tools, database transaction management and control, database debugging using SQL*Developer/Toad as well as session and system tracing, UNIX Shell programing, Oracle database installation, configuration, and maintenance, ASM, RMAN, expdp/impdp, SVN, SDLC, cron, mutt, top, vmstat, iostat, sar, netstat,

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