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US: SQL Server DBA

Date: 28-Feb-2014
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Database Administrator

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or equivalent certification) along with 6 years of IT experience. 3 years of SQL Server DBA responsibility are required. 3 years of SQL Server support experience and a strong willingness to perform in a support capacity are a must. 1 year of experience working with SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio and extensive knowledge in SQL Reporting services are required. 1 year of experience in ASP and .Net development is preferred.

SQL Server DBA skills from a web based application development environment is necessary with a preference for experience designing, maintaining, and optimizing databases. Proven ability to identify bottlenecks and other database issues is a must with a focus on a process based ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues promptly. Proven ability to design, document, and roll out database rules, policy, procedure, and guidelines is a must. Security procedure experience necessary with specific experience auditing security procedures as it relates to SQL Server databases. Experienced at creating stored procedures and triggers. Able to understand query plans, indexing schemes, I/O bottlenecks, caching, code optimization, etc. Experience with "Integration Services" functionality of SQL Server database with regard to SQL Server database integration with other databases and software.

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