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Date: 07-Oct-2013
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Candidates must have extensive experience as a DBA with experience in developing, optimizing, and managing databases supporting large applications transactional and web based applications.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the design, installation, deployment, maintenance, and tuning of large and complex applications and databases on Linux/UNIX and/or Cloud based relational database platforms such as Amazon RDS. Additional expertise in NoSQL database environments such as MongoDB or Amazon DynamoDB is beneficial.

Candidates must be able to work well in a team environment and independently. Experience with high performance SAN environments is expected. Experience with shared-nothing cluster architecture, high-availability, partitioning, and sharing is required. In addition, the ability to write and analyze shell scripts, SQL, PLSQL and Oracle Utilities is required. Experience in Oracle and MS SQL database management is a plus.

Basic Qualifications:

Strong relational database background in data warehouse/decision support and transaction processing environments

Physical data model development

Understanding of logical and physical design

Table-level striping/partitioning

MySQL Database installation, configuration and space management

Database client installation and configuration

Database tuning at the database and object level

Database security; Scripting, system configuration and management

OS contention issue analysis and resolution

Backup and recovery at both OS and database levels

Expert knowledge of PL/SQL & SQL

SQL Tuning

Experience with systems development lifecycle

Operational and technical documentation

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