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US: Oracle Administrator Senior

Date: 25-Sep-2013
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Oracle Administrator Senior

Provides database administration including backups: Perform local database administration for standard database software for common-user services (e.g. Oracle, Access, Visual Basic, Sybase, Sybase ASE, Microsoft SQL Server, and Informix). Develop, field, and support database applications. Perform database builds, reorganizations, maintenance, tuning, backups, restorations, and query design. Perform file transfers (file transfer protocols [FTPs]), loads, downloads, data file manipulation, data archiving, coordination, familiarization, and implementation of actions required. Processing of superscans, driver actions, and updates/changes to unique and standard master files. Perform incremental backups and full system backups for standard databases for common-user services

Provides local database administration for data warehouses for common user services. Data warehouse administration includes system backups. Perform local database administration for data warehouses for common-user services. Perform incremental (full information & directory store) backups. Perform full system backups

Plans, defines, and integrates the interdependencies of various IT/IA programs, and prioritization of requirements for the garrison for common-user services

Performs software application development services provide design, development, and maintenance for all types of application systems using standard programming languages. Develop applications to support user requirements, but not limited to creation of the data models, databases, survey/add/update of reuse library, development of interfaces, application control logic, forms (screens), objects, reports, queries and menus

Design and develop applications and bridges to meet local requirements. Plan and tests, prepare test data, execute testing, identify, analyze and repair errors and retest an application or module prior to implementation and placing into production

Provides web application development. Design, develop, and maintain static and dynamic web sites and portals using standard programming languages. Such as SharePoint 2010, HTML, Java, CSS, ASP.Net, XML, WSS.3.0, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, MS ISS 6.0, Active Directory and Java Script

Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and three (3) years of Information Technology experience or five (5) years technical experience

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