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US: SQL Server DBA

Date: 07-Aug-2013
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SQL Server Database Administrator

* Monitoring and responding to alerts\failure * Troubleshooting and performance tuning * Building and maintaining replication\cluster\mirroring\partitioning infrastructure * Designing and creating stored procedures\tables\functions and other database objects * Working with SSRS\SSIS\SSAS * Releasing DB code to dev\qa\stage\production * Helping dev\qa and other teams with database problems * Reviewing DB code and maintaining DB development standards * Making sure we have healthy backups and disaster recovery plan * Learning new technologies and planning for upgrades

* MUST have 3-7+ years of experience as a SQL Server Production DBA performing maintenance, monitoring, performance tuning, optimization, replication, clustering, scalability, security, troubleshooting, patching, back up and disaster recovery * Experience with the development of complex SQL and T-SQL statements, queries, stored procedures and triggers. * Experience performing SQL Server Database modeling including deploying database software on servers, creating database objects and tables, working with .NET development teams in optimizing application performance with databases * Experience with Perfrmon, Profiler, Query Analyzer for Performance Monitoring * BA or equivalent experience

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