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US: Database Administrator

Date: 05-Aug-2013
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Database Administrator

* Educated:you earned a BS in Computer Science or have the equivalent experience; you possess conceptual knowledge of service-oriented architectures and a strong understanding of applied statistics and analytics algorithms * Experienced:over the years, you’ve earned scars and stripes designing, implementing and managing database systems for mission critical, large-scale applications; you’re pro at baseline performance and load testing for capacity planning, preferably with some experience with database capacity scaling techniques * Agile:you are familiar with agile software development processes and likely have experience practices like continuous integration and test-driven deployment * Data-driven:you’re an expert in the MySQL platform, including high-availability design and operation, performance tuning, capacity planning, automated backup and recovery and you’ve mastered MySQL replication, active/passive clustering, disaster recovery and geographic load distribution of database services; your premium-grade MySQL skills are complemented by an expertise in data warehouse technologies, including MPP databases and experience with multiple relational databases and NoSQL products * Up to code:you bring experience with task automation scripting using Python, Perl, Shell or other UNIX based languages * A problem assassin:you conduct problem reconnaissance and termination with the skill and ruthlessness of Bond; you possess systems administration skills required to troubleshoot database-related problems at the O/S level, on Linux/UNIX/Solaris and commercially available server and storage systems

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