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US-Phoenix-Arizona: Database Administrator

Date: 15-Jul-2013
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Database Administrator

1. Conducts DBA level installation and upgrades including application level patches and upgrades.

2. Performs ETL (Extract, Transport, and Load) from any existing format for client data stores into current schema.

3. Performs database maintenance and setup including index tuning, query optimization, backup monitoring, documentation logging, setting up the database scheme structures for internal projects, and running space monitoring scripts.

4. Coordinates with other Software Development database projects and activities, including resources, timelines, and communication and testing. Imports and exports data as required.

5. Documents installation and upgrades, computer system validation, disaster recovery information, problem management planning for the application or system.

6. Maintains the highest level of database security. Maintains users accounts and access, determining the approval level and maintaining access forms for the application.

7. Communicates with software and hardware providers to ensure the highest quality use of applications.

8. Provides problem management support. Makes daily decisions about the best way to resolve the issues with the least impact to users.

9. Responsible for ongoing data schema and documentation of all internal databases and tables.

10. Coordinates with other Software Development Management the adherence to rules and implementation of source code control pertaining to the SQL Server.

11. Tracks and reports time spent on each Internal Programming Request (IPRs).

12. Design, develop, maintain, deploy OLAP and ETL data warehouse solutions on the Microsoft Platform.


* Minimum of 5 (five) years of previous Windows Server and SQL Server 2005 and/or above experience necessary to perform essential functions and tasks of position.

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