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US-NE-Portland: Database Administrator

Date: 03-Jul-2013
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Database Administrator (DBA)

-Database operation, diagnosis, tuning, and troubleshooting (primary job functions) -Software development support (for interfacing with developers, nothing beats having walked in the other guy's shoes) -Configuration management (for automating some types of deploy/maintenance work) -System and performance analysis, in both physical and virtual environments -Recovery planning, from the database to the application -Excellent customer service -Holistic problem solving -Sense of responsibility and follow-through

-Care and feeding of database systems, primarily Postgres, some Oracle and SQL Server. -Must have or be willing to learn new technologies and process. -Work with development teams to design, implement, troubleshoot, monitor, and improve corporate projects. -Be a project owner. -1- 5 years relevant experience. -Experienced Linux user. -Database administration (Postgres strongly preferred), including: installation, initialization, authentication, catalog navigation, query tuning, system tuning, resource contention analysis, backup and recovery, standby, replication, etc. -Database operation, to support developers in making scalable decisions in schema design and data processing models. -Some experience Perl and/or Bash is HIGHLY desirable.

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