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Date: 01-Jul-2013
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DBA program

* Teaches assigned courses within DBA program including curriculum maintenance, innovation of content, curriculum assessment, and documentation. * Teaches assigned courses within discipline and completes projects as directed by the Program Director. * Serves as course content expert, and reviews individual courses for rigor and currency. * Responds in a timely manner utilizing university email account to student email inquiries. * Assigns grades and provides relevant, value added feedback in a timely manner through Blackboard. * Resolves academic issues, including academic integrity, grade inflation, and grade challenges. * Participate in regular remote meetings, faculty training and faculty development opportunities. * Other responsibilities as assigned by the Program Director.

* Doctoral degree in business, management, or related discipline, with at least 18 credit hours of business and doctoral coursework, required. * Experience in university level teaching required. Experience in academic administration and course design preferred. Dissertation supervision and an ongoing track record of scholarly research and publications in the field of higher education is required

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