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US: Sr Oracle Database Administrator

Date: 24-Jun-2013
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Sr Oracle Database Administrator

The Senior Database Administrator is a hands on, end to end administrator of the Oracle 10G databases, Oracle Application Server, and Oracle Business Intelligence/Enterprise Edition (OBI/EE) platform..

Administrator maintains up-to-date knowledge of the following: DBMS internals and how they work in an OLTP and Business Intelligence (BI) environment; DBMS optimization and how queries and updates execute in an OLTP and large BI data warehouse; UNIX and writing of scripts to perform database administration functions; backup and recovery using backup scripts and Oracle Recovery Manager; and, security / access requests including verification and granting permissions.

Minimum of 5 years experience in Oracle database administration with both application development and production databases required.

Proficiency in performance tuning, optimization techniques of large scale databases in support of enterprise data warehouses, data marts, and Business Intelligence required.

Expertise with data warehouse concepts, dimensional modeling methodologies, star transformation, materialized views, bitmap indexes, partitioning, and synchronization techniques required.

Ability to work independently and as part of the team, and share knowledge, information, and learning with Division staff.

Experience with Oracle’s RMAN backup utility, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Application Server, SQL/PL-SQL UNIX and shell scripting and other software tools to maintain and improve the database environment required.

Bachelor's degree in information science, data management, computer science, or related field required.

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