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US-CA-SanFrancisco: MySQL DBA

Date: 24-May-2013
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* Work closely with the Engineers to determine optimal database architecture performance for our multitenant, multilocation service * Identify and recommend tools and services for managing database infrastructure in all environments in the development lifecycle, including production and development * Hardware sizing and tuning requirements for database loads based in efficient use of multiple resources * Update and tune MySQL instances in a high volume environment * Responsible for the maintenance of the database, including backup, recovery, and disaster recovery management

* 5+ years + RDBMS experience working in a high volume production environment * At least 2+ years as a specific MYSQL DBA in a LAMP environment working with LINUX * Consistent network and I/O performance tuning * MySQL replication (Master-Master, Master-Slave, cluster replication) and high available configurations is a MUST * Solid knowledge of physical and logical database design * Solid knowledge in schema design principles with demonstrated aptitude to apply best practices for scalable designs and influence developers * MySQL 5.x (InnoDB and MyISAM engines) and Postgres * Proficiency in a scripting language (bash preferred)

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