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US-IL-Chicago: Database Administrator

Date: 19-Apr-2013
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Database Administrator

* Provide 24/7/365 database administration support * Install, maintain and upgrade databases to remain at actively supported versions * Work with database vendors to resolve errors, identify bugs, research patch releases and request product enhancements * Define and devise new monitoring, metrics, and alerting strategies * Ensure that tables and indexes are properly analyzed, designed and balanced * Write, monitor and continually refine backup and recovery mechanisms * Monitor and resolve locker/blocker and dead-lock issues * Identify and kill zombie processes * Analyze long-running SQL jobs to identify optimization opportunities * Perform ongoing capacity and load performance testing including degradation profiles * Analyze database parameters to ensure optimal resource utilization and operational state * Stay up-to-date on latest features of all in-house database technologies * Stay up-to-date on advancements in database technology, including OLTP, Data Warehousing and NoSQL * Stay up-to-date on Disaster/Recovery best practices

* Proactive logical and physical database design, including database consolidation, grouping, segregation and compartmentalization * Develop entity-relationship diagrams for existing and new databases * Define going-forward naming standards * Analyze database activity to look for tuning opportunities both at the database and the application level * Work with Applications Teams to identify tuning opportunities * Analyze stored procedures and triggers for optimization opportunities

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