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US-FL-: Database Application Developer

Date: 20-Mar-2013
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Database Application Developer

* Design, develop, and support databases for web based reporting applications that support the Sales and Marketing team * Extend and enhance the company's data warehouse

- Troubleshoot data design and/or data processing setups - Perform query optimizations - Extract data stored in xml using xQuery and xPath - Use SQL Server Reporting Services and similar tools to distribute information to our clients - Create integration tools using .net or similar language to manage new data feeds

* Develop tools to be used by the marketing team and other Insight employees that assist in verifying the accuracy and completeness of data within the database * Document reporting applications, workflow processes, and train end users * Combine Executive level summary reports with front-end applications * Manage month end processes and workflows * Fulfill ad hoc data requests

* 4+ years experience working as a SQL Server Developer * 4+ years with .NET, C#, Java, or comparable language * 3+ years of hands-on coding /testing duties * Clear and concise system design documentation which has been presented to peers and business/product subject matter experts * Planning, organizing, and controlling technical related projects * SQL performance & tuning skills

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