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US: Data Warehouse Developer

Date: 11-Mar-2013
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Data Warehouse Developer

* A lover of all things data. You love turning bits into information that informs decisions. * A problem solver. You love getting to the bottom of issues and coming up with new ways to solve problems. * A great communicator. Because we’re small we need to be sure everyone is in the loop, so it’s important that you can communicate your ideas through various formats, from formal meetings, to whiteboard discussions, to email. * A lifelong learner. Technology changes fast. This means it’s imperative for our tech team to be constantly learning and bringing that knowledge to bear in some useful way.

* Data Warehouse theory and concepts – You should understand facts and dimensions. * Dimensional Modeling theory and concepts – You should be familiar with Star and Snowflake schemas. * Transact Structured Query Language (TSQL) – Create, maintain, and optimize database objects like tables, indexes, views, and stored procedures. * SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) – Experience building SSIS packages to extract, transform, and load data from source systems to target systems.

* SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) – Experience building SSRS reports using Business Intelligence Development Studio. * SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) – Experience building OLAP databases and related objects such as dimensions and measures. Experience with MDX or DMX is a big plus. * Configuration Management concepts – You should understand source control, code review, and code promotion processes. * SQL Server 2008 R2 – Basic configuration and services understanding. * Windows Server 2008 – Basic understanding regarding configuration as it pertains to SQL Server.

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